Friday, June 21, 2013

Parker's Mood
                                     by Charlie Parker, King Pleasure
                                     (c) EMI Music, Atlantic Music

               Come with me if you want to go to Kansas City
               I'm feeling low down and blue, my heart's full of sorrow
               Don't hardly know what to do
               Where will I be tomorrow?

               Going to Kansas City
               Wanna go too?
               No you can't make with me
               Going to Kansas City
               Sorry that I can't take you

               When you see me coming raise your window high
               When you see me leaving baby hang your head and cry
               I'm afraid there's nothing in this squeamish dreamy town
               a honky tonky, monky woman can do
               She'd only bring herself down.

               So long everybody, the time has come and I must leave you
               So if I don't ever see your smiling face again
               Make a promise you'll remember like a Christmas day in December
               that I told you all through thick and thin on up until the end, Parker's been your friend
               Don't hang your head when you see, when you see those six pretty horses pulling me
               Put a twenty dollar silver piece on my watch chain, look at the smile on my face
               Sing a little song to let the world know I'm really free
               Don't cry for me cause I'm going to Kansas City

               Come with me if you want to go to Kansas City

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