Sunday, April 21, 2013

Thoughts: April 21, 2013

      Last week I had the pleasure of visiting beautiful Red Bank, New Jersey just to ascertain the
possibility of landing a gig. One of the employees at Jamins, a popular bar/restaurant where I was told that their auditions occur during open mike, so I plan to be there ASAP. 
     Another possibility is Greenwich Village's "Grooves" where I had the opportunity to briefly 
chat with the manager. "Grooves" is an exclusively Rhythm and Blues club. I have been to "Grooves" as a patron three times and all three times there was not only a full house but an active responsive audience. This would be an excellent place to play. The owner said that there are no auditions. He decides who plays there based on a CD. Rather than give him one of my CDs that are on sale. I decided to make a new CD that has only R&B songs. Our band usually performs different styles of music, but for this audition CD we will put together six covers and six originals and "all" Rhythm and Blues.  

Friday, April 12, 2013

Thoughts: April 13, 2013

Thoughts: April 13, 2013
       Claude Chaney and Friends last performed at The Underground in New York City on July 
31, 2012. Since that time only three of the band members have been able to rehearse. It seems
as if all of us have issues we have to take care of in our lives. At a time when our videos are getting
attention on Fandalism, You Tube and one song "You Had To Let Your Good Thing Go" reached #10 on Reverbnation for the Franklin Township NJ area. At a time when we should be out there promoting we are not. Things are further complicated by the fact that so many of the places where we performed are either out or business or have changed live entertainment for a DJ. Gone away are
La Negrita (where we first performed in 2007), P&G Corner Cafe (under new ownership with a new name.), Saltwaters Restaurant, Manfu, etc.
         Collectively for one reason or another a significant number of band members have been under the weather.  I am sorry to say that our pianist Tom Montauredes (a.k.a. Tom Monte) lost his mother. 
      The last time I saw Joaquin Maria was at The Underground gig but I am happy to say that
I was able to speak to him this morning. Not only is he a fantastic guitarist but he is also a
fantastic person. We were talking about new music. I suggested doing a song Leon Ware wrote 
for Michael Jackson called "I Want To Be Where You Are" I love the Michael Jackson version but 
I would rather do it closer to the way Jose Feliciano did it in order to let the people see what Joaquin
Maria can do when he stretches out on the acoustic guitar solo during the break. I saw Miriam and 
Rogelio about two weeks ago and just like Joaquin and I they seem ready to get the ball rolling again.
     As that saying about adversity goes "If it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger" 
                                                                                        Peace, Claude 

Monday, April 1, 2013

I Haven't Got Anything Better To Do (lyrics)

                            I Haven't Got Anything Better To Do
                            by Lee Pockriss and Paul Vance

I never loved her
She never reached me
She was just someone, someone I knew
I think about her
on alternate Thursdays, when I haven't got anything better to do

She's got a problem
If she thinks I need her
I couldn't care less now that we're through
So if I stay up and wait for her phone call
I haven't got anything better to do

Wasn't I awfully smart not to fall and break my heart

And when she kissed me, she never moved me
Nothing fantastic, thrilling or new
So if I'm crying, I'm only crying cause....

I haven't got anything better
No, I haven't got anything better
I haven't got anything better to do