Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Reposting of the "City of Angels" video

   Recently it came to my attention that more people have visited the "City of Angels" post than any other in my collection, 462 (as of 4/10/12)....and this was with only the lyrics. So this proves without a doubt that I am not the only one who loves this song.
   It is of special significance to me because it reminds me of my first visit to California, 36 years ago
to meet my in-laws and the rest of my wife's family. The images of palm trees that I saw were almost
identical to those on the "City of Angels" album cover. This was a very special time for me that I will never forget.
   The Miracles have always been one of my favorite groups since they recorded "Shop Around" back in 1960, of course their biggest hits had legendary performer and writer Smokey Robinson as
lead singer. Robinson left the Miracles in 1972. It is now 1976 and The Miracles are trying to establish
their own identity. The late Freddie Perrin (composer of "Reunited" and "I Will Survive) produced the
Miracles' first and only concept album to date "City of Angels" that tells the story of a world reknown superstar named Michael (The parallels to Michael Jackson are numerous, but keep in mind this was 1976)
   This album becomes one of the Miracles most successful, but the beautiful title song "City of Angels" did not chart. I am not even sure if it was released as a single.  "Love Machine" however was the #1 song from this landmark album, which also happens to be one of my all time favorites. Strange as it may seem The Miracles, the original Motown group is still performing today with one original member, Bobby Rogers and on some occasions the former Mrs. William "Smokey" Robinson, Claudette Rogers sings with the Miracles. The original You Tube video posted by Crossover 70s now has over 44,000 views and now has been re-posted. Mr. Robert324 has posted another version that is also memorable.  ENJOY.

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