Saturday, March 19, 2011

Claude Chaney & Friends @ P & G Corner Cafe, 78th St. & Columbus Avenue, NYC, NY Friday, April 29, 2011


1. Cissy Strut (Porter; Neville; Nocentelli; Modeliste)
2. Stubborn Kind of Fellow (M Gaye; W Stevenson; G Gordy)/
How Sweet It Is (To be loved by you) (B. Holland; L. Dozier; E. Holland)
3. Wishful Thinking (E. Klugh; C. Chaney)
4. Mama (T. Monte)
5. Funny You Should Say That (D. Lambert; B. Potter)
6. No More Blues (A.C. Jobim; V DeMoraes)
7. Come Back Baby (M. Barab)
8. Spend Some Time With Me (M. Barab)
9. Under The Boardwalk (A Resnick; K Young)
10. At The Club (C. King; G. Goffin)/Bang Bang (J Cuba; J Sabater)
11. I Haven't Got Anything Better To Do (L Pockriss; P. Vance)
12. Plazos Traicioneros
13. City Lights (T. Monte)
14. Feels So Bad (The Bush Years)(C Chaney)
15. Work To Do (C Chaney)
16. Safiyyah (K Marks; C Chaney)
17. I Will Be Here For You (C Chaney)
18. Summer Breezin' (C Chaney)
19. Faith (C Chaney)

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