Saturday, March 19, 2011

Claude Chaney & Friends @ Don't Tell Mama 343 West 46th St.New York City, NY, Saturday 7PM

The Songs:

1. Cissy Strut (Neville; Porter; Modeliste; Nocentelli)
2. Stubborn Kind of Fellow (M. Gaye, W. Stevenson, G. Gordy)/
How Sweet It Is (To be loved by you) (B. Holland, L Dozier, E. Holland)
3. Wishful Thinking (E. Klugh; C. Chaney)
4. I Wish I Knew (S. Barab)
5. Funny You Should Say That (D. Lambert; B. Potter)
6. Lovers After All (M Manchester; L Ware)
7. Come Back Baby (M Barab)
8. Spend Some Time With Me (M Barab)
9. Under The Boardwalk (A Resnick; K Young)
10. At The Club (C King; G. Goffin/ Bang Bang (J. Cuba; J Sabater)
11. La Mujer Que Yo Quiero (J M Serrat)
12. Plazos Traicioneros
13. City Lights (T Monte)
14. Feels So Bad (The Bush Years)
15. Work To Do (C Chaney)
16. Hit The Road Jack (P Mayfield)
17. Walk On By (B Bacharach; H David)
18. Our Day Will Come (M Garson; B. Hilliard)
19. I Will Be Here For You (C Chaney)
20. Summer Breezin; (C Chaney)
21. Ou est la paix? (P Simon; C Chaney)
22. Faith (C Chaney)

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