Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 - The Year in Review - (Census) JAMES GARNER (1928-2014)

    The groundbreaking western TV series "Maverick" featured Garner as a professional gambler, an extremely dangerous way to earn a living because Bret Maverick never knew who he would run into at the card table. It could be a jealous husband or a sore loser. Although he was successful at what he did it required nerves of steel. As the series progressed other members of the Maverick family became prominent in the series, Jack Kelly (Bart Maverick) and Roger Moore (Beau Maverick) from
England. This was a family of benevolent card sharks.
    In the later series "The Rockford Files" Garner is a private investigator who uses unconventional methods to get the job done. A frequent guest star on this show was Isaac Hayes.
      James Garner was an Oklahoma native who was a staunch supporter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and the civil rights movement. He gave of his time and money to support this cause. He is survived by his wife of sixty eight years, Lois Clark and two sons.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 - The Year in Review - (Census) CHEO FELICIANO (1935-2014)

     It is only logical that a young man who sings lead for The Joe Cuba Sextet and The Eddie Palmieri band would be a big success when he goes out on his own. It is the voice of Cheo Feliciano that you heard on the Joe Cuba Sextet's crossover appealing "El Pito"(I'll Never Go Back To Georgia). Other
unforgettable tunes included "Yo No Soy Un Angel"(I am not an angel), "Anacaonda", "Mi Triste Problema"(My sad problem) and "Mentira"
      Recent CDs (2009) were "Cheo Feliciano - A Man and His Music" and "Historia de la Salsa". Cheo Feliciano was the winner of several music awards including a Grammy Award in 2008 for excellence in music. Cheo Feliciano died in a car accident in his native Puerto Rico.

2014 - The Year in Review (Census) JESSICA CLEAVES

  Jessica Cleaves was a part of groups that played very different types of music. She began with popular 70s R&B group The Friends of Distinction and recorded three Billboard top 40 hits: Grazing In The Grass (#3), Going In Circles (#15) and Love Or Let Me Be Lonely (#6). After leaving The Friends of Distinction she joined Earth Wind & Fire and recorded the love ballad "I'd Rather Have You". After leaving Earth Wind and Fire she joined Raw Silk and was a part of that groups dance hit Do It The Music. Later she joined Parliament/Funkadelic where she can be heard on Funkadelic's hit 
"Not Just Knee Deep" 

Friends of Distinction - "And I Love Him"  

Raw Silk - "Do It To The Music" 

2014 - The Year in Review (Census) LAUREN BACALL (1924-2014)

   Native New Yorker Lauren Bacall rose to prominence through a series of movies with Humphrey Bogart (to whom she was married for twelve years until his death in 1957) "To Have and Have Not", "Dark Passage" and "Key Largo". She was just as "at home" on Broadway as she was in Hollywood, winning Tony awards for her roles in Applause (1970), and  "Woman of The Year" (1981). In 1996 she won a Golden Globe award for her performance in "The Mirror Has Two Faces" Lauren Bacall also married another accomplished actor Jason Robards, but that marriage ended in divorce.  This much loved, trend setting actress died of a stroke at the age of 90.