Saturday, July 6, 2013

Thoughts 7/7/13

     It was a relatively quiet 4th of July weekend in the "friendly confines" of Somerset, New Jersey. On the upside online I got a chance to meet one of my favorite entertainers during my college years Harvey Averne of The Harvey Averne Dozen. We are considering doing one of the songs on his "Viva Soul" album called "You're No Good" . I was surprised to find out that we had a mutual friend Dalia Negroni Torres Rivera. Also on the upside I was happy to hear that the mother of a dear friend, Desiree Henry is steadily improving after an illness. On the downside I still haven't met with members of the band. This weekend we
were supposed to work on the story line video for "I Haven't Got Anything Better To Do" but couldn't do it because of a premature birth to the wife of one of the participants in the project. Apparently there were complications with the delivery so as a result all work was cancelled for this weekend. Prayers go out for the mother and the child. Also on the downside the aunt of another friend from my college years, Lenda Hires has taken ill. I pray for a rapid and complete recovery. This aunt is very close to Lenda.
     Very soon we (Evette and I) will be headed to California and Michigan. When we return there will be
a ton of work to do for Claude Chaney and Friends.