Friday, November 6, 2015

October 31, 2015
There definitely is cause for celebration, my friends and family have helped me to surpass the intended goal of raising $1,200 by getting $1,230. An attempt was made in 2012 but it was unsuccessful. This campaign started ten days late and then because of a problem with a link many probable donors were frustrated after several attempts at trying to donate, it never materialized so they just gave up. I was surprised at the number of people who were weary of making the online donation (This pertains to the vast majority of donors). As a result their money had to be given to those who had credit cards to make donations on their behalf.
In spite of the obstacles we raised the money for the production
of the new CD "You're In My Heart" It was an unusual experience
people I thought would donate....didn't. People I thought would not donate......did. One big reason we made it was because of the
exceptional generosity of some donors. Big thanks go out to the biggest of all donors.....The Dowdell family (Mick, Cheryl and Tara). Thanks also to Patricia Young (who also contributed to the 2012 campaign.) Thanks to Dalia Negroni Rivera Torres and Barbara Luque Mora, who were the first contributors to this successful 2015 fundraiser. A big thank you goes out to all donors....
1. Dalia Negroni Rivera Torres
2. Barbara Luque Mora
3. Patricia Young
4. Evette Chaney
5. Joy Chaney
6. Miliken Dowdell
7. Cheryl Dowdell
8. Tara Dowdell
9. Kasim Power
10. Elizabeth B. Vializ
11. Sun Day Cleaners
12. Winston Hughes
13. Faye Robinson
14. Carole Coughlin
15. Grace
16. William Robinson
17. Lois Harris
18. Gwen Harris
19. Lianna Lee
20. Rinzalea Stewart
21. Mitzi Mary Soaries
22. Clarice Harper

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