Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 - The Year in Review (Census) JESSICA CLEAVES

  Jessica Cleaves was a part of groups that played very different types of music. She began with popular 70s R&B group The Friends of Distinction and recorded three Billboard top 40 hits: Grazing In The Grass (#3), Going In Circles (#15) and Love Or Let Me Be Lonely (#6). After leaving The Friends of Distinction she joined Earth Wind & Fire and recorded the love ballad "I'd Rather Have You". After leaving Earth Wind and Fire she joined Raw Silk and was a part of that groups dance hit Do It The Music. Later she joined Parliament/Funkadelic where she can be heard on Funkadelic's hit 
"Not Just Knee Deep" 

Friends of Distinction - "And I Love Him"  

Raw Silk - "Do It To The Music" 

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