Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thoughts 9/24/13

      As this prolonged "hiatius" continues I just happened to come across Earl Klugh's Peculiar Situation CD. It's something I haven't heard in a long time. On many occasions when you hear
something you like that you haven't heard in a long time it sounds better than ever. Well this was the case with "Now and Again" I immediately decided to put this on the "to do" list. This hiatus is
happening at the worst possible time.......Keyboardist Tom Monte is involved in outside extended projects and I can't blame him.....time is money. Vocalist Evette Chaney states that she cannot sing
at this time because of voice problems. Joaquin Maria moved to Yonkers for a new 9 to 5. Miriam
Barab is extensively involved in playwrighting. Rogelio Teran is probably wondering what happened
to the rest of us. All this is happening while the group Claude Chaney and Friends has close to
30,000 views on Fandalism and had three songs (Children, I Will Be Here For You, Safiyyah) place in the top ten on Reverbnation's Soul/R&B chart for Franklin Township, New Jersey.
      In spite of these somewhat adverse circumstances the dream continues. I can imagine my lovely
wife Evette singing lead on "Now and Again" and I can see Rogelio on congas and Miriam and I singing background. Everyone else I can only hope that they will return. The odds at this time say that this won't happen anytime soon, but the dream still lives and I am one who on many occasions has gone against the odds.

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