Sunday, June 9, 2013

Thoughts: June 9, 2013

  It was Charles Darnay, a character in Charles Dickens' "A Tale Of Two Cities" , who said "It
was the worst of times and it was the best of times". That is exactly how I feel about "these" times.
Because I am an eternal optimist I choose not to focus on the bad, nevertheless there is a lot of 
good that has happened that I must acknowledge. First of all the new friends that I have made this
past year who have been supportive of my endeavors as a singer and an actor....people like Prudence
Paez, Divad Sanders and legendary Savion Glover. These three have made it possible for me to 
continue to play the role of Captain Barrett in the play "The Birth of Calamity Mitchell"
   I am thrilled to know that there are people who have shown genuine interest in my music and 
it is precisely because of them that I am inspired to create more.......Mary R. Moore, Dalia Negroni
Torres Rivera, Joy Sellman, Katy Ricci, Rebecca Webb, Desiree Henry, Carole Coughlin, Rex Burns, Ventura Leake, PJ Dustin, Elizabeth Vializ and Pedro Baez. If I left anyone out you know that it wasn't intentional and you know who you are anyway. 
  Through the miracle of Facebook I have been able to re-connect with old friends, some of which I haven't seen in over 35 years.....Lenda Hires, Ana Lana, Maria Velez, Thomas Tillery, Bernard Fowler  and Bruce Jackson. 
   Although musical tastes have dramatically changed since the seventies I am encouraged by the fact that my 22 videos are shown all around the world. I believe that CD sales will improve once I get the
exposure necessary to sell CDs. People can't buy what they don't hear in the age of Clear Channel. 
I am proud of the fact that in less than a two year period we have over 15 thousand views on Fandalism and we also have comparative numbers on Reverbnation and You Tube. 
    At a time when two songs have entered Revernation's top 20 (You Had To Let Your Good Thing Go #10 and I Will Be Here For You #11) I am frustrated because the group is unable to make any appearances at this time because of an assortment of issues that have nothing to do with music.
I am still determined and willing to wait out the storm. In the meantime there are several places you
can listen to and buy the music of Claude Chaney & Friends.

                                          1. The Claude Chaney & Friends Facebook Page Music Store
                                          3. I tunes

                                                                                                        Peace, Claude 

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