Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thoughts 6/23/13

 I am ecstatic to see the Claude Chaney and Friends has a collective 40,500 internet views.....
                                                17,105 - Fandalism
                                                15.537 - Reverbnation
                                                  7,858 - You Tube 
and yesterday 50 people visited the CCand;F Lyric Page. It is regrettable that because of distractions
we haven't been able to take advantage of this kind of publicity. I am hoping that this situation
changes in the next week or two. The situation is the same as described in the previous "thoughts".
The only band member I have seen in the last three weeks has been my wife...and we haven't been
discussing music. We are in need of an agent.....if anyone out there has any suggestions please let
me know.
      As previously mentioned only one song is ready for the next lp and that is "The Turtle Song" another
recently completed original composition called "Work To Do" is ready to be brought to the studio but nothing has happened yet.  Peace, Claude

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