Sunday, April 21, 2013

Thoughts: April 21, 2013

      Last week I had the pleasure of visiting beautiful Red Bank, New Jersey just to ascertain the
possibility of landing a gig. One of the employees at Jamins, a popular bar/restaurant where I was told that their auditions occur during open mike, so I plan to be there ASAP. 
     Another possibility is Greenwich Village's "Grooves" where I had the opportunity to briefly 
chat with the manager. "Grooves" is an exclusively Rhythm and Blues club. I have been to "Grooves" as a patron three times and all three times there was not only a full house but an active responsive audience. This would be an excellent place to play. The owner said that there are no auditions. He decides who plays there based on a CD. Rather than give him one of my CDs that are on sale. I decided to make a new CD that has only R&B songs. Our band usually performs different styles of music, but for this audition CD we will put together six covers and six originals and "all" Rhythm and Blues.  

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