Wednesday, August 29, 2012

You're In My Heart CD Kickstarter Project Update

      The first completed song for the CD is "The Turtle Song" written by Claude Chaney, Tom Monte and Paula Zimmerman-Taylor. This novelty song is unique, child friendly and comical. It also appears on Tom Monte's CD. I have been somewhat reluctant to perform it in public because there is a dance that should go with the song. When you hear the lyrics you'll know exactly what I mean.
     At this time we have 5 backers, who I tentatively believe to be Rex Burns, Penny Kalfus, and Joy Chaney. I do not know who the other two backers are at this time because Kickstarter doesn't officially post the names of the backers until the number reaches ten. So far we're half way there.
We have a grand total of $85.00 with 42 days to raise $2,500. As Confucious once said "The thousand mile journey begins with a single step. We have made the single step, I thank all early

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